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I'm thrilled to share with you the three pieces I designed in collaboration with Spacey Studios, who specialise in quality fine art prints at affordable prices.

Spacey Studios invited me and a carefully selected group or artists to create pieces exploring their collection theme of 'mindfulness'. To me, mindfulness is about striking a balance between the external and the internal, and this is what I explored in the three pieces I created for the collections, titled 'Touch', 'Whisper', and 'Pause'.

"Inspired by yoga and the connection between the mind and body, Kit’s artwork pinpoints small moments where the two intersect. These instances where the sensation and perception converge are perfectly depicted by Kit’s textured illustrations. The titles of her pieces, Pause, Whisper, Touch, all represent a point where the mind and the body become one."

"Kit’s pieces focus on an instance. Something SO small, it is often overlooked. But instead, she leans into them and explores the vastness of the physical and mental experience that happens in just a second."

To take a look at the collection, click here or head over to spaceystudios.com. 

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