branding collaboration collection Nyssa Care packaging

I recently had the pleasure of designing a pattern for Nyssa Care's new packaging. Nyssa Care is an innovative new postpartum womenswear company who are striving to support women's bodies through the 'Fourth Trimester' period.

"Nyssa is a movement. Led by women just like you: women who believe in a better way. For themselves and others. Women who know that women thrive in the company of women. In the companies of women.

Our journey starts with illuminating the reality of what happens in the first few months after giving birth: the Fourth Trimester. It’s a raw, wild, magnificent, tender time of transformation. And many of us do not have the support we need, when we need it most. We need more dialogue. More awareness. More empathy. When the stakes are raised, we need beautifully designed products that rise to meet them.

Nyssa is here to redefine the landscape of the Fourth Trimester. To enable ease and efficiency so that you can get back to feeling your same-yet-different best and be present in the moments that matter most, during that most transformative of times—whether that means enjoying your family, taking a walk outdoors, engaging in the activities you love, going back to work and everything in-between."

Nyssa's revolutionary postpartum underwear allows for comfort following vaginal and cesarean births. Fourthwear™ Underwear is super stretchy and accommodates a heat or ice pack in the vaginal/perineal area or at the site of an incision. Fourthwear™ Underwear is made to change with your body and can be folded down or pulled up over the navel. Designed to allow women to take control of their postpartum recovery.

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