I had the pleasure of creating the Sirkel beach towel collection with Sora - an environmentally conscious beach towel brand originating from Norway and Japan.

"Our latest collection Sirkel is a collaboration with London-based artist Kit Agar. Distinctive of her modern, abstract style and subdued colours, the six-piece collection ranges from pebbles and mountain tops to the female form in geometry. We put together this collection for you to be able to flow through your yoga practise or bask in the sun on a beautiful piece of art."


Each towel is made from recycled post-consumer plastic. About 85% of the fibre content in their fabric consists of post-consumer plastic bottles recycled into polyester fabric.

"We’ve spent a lot of time looking into how we can produce our towels in the most sustainable way possible. Our towels are made from 85% recycled materials, with each towel containing about 8 recycled plastic bottles. The fabric we use have been certified by the internationally recognized Global Recycle Standard, which verifies the recycled content in the fabric as well as the responsible social, environmental and chemical practices used in production. You can be assured that your towel is made to the best standards, ethically and in quality."

"We make hardworking yet beautifully simple solutions. The SORA towel is highly absorbent and dries fast, to keep up with the adventurous life you seek to live. We also made sure it packs small and light, so it can travel freely with you without being a burden. Yogis will be pleased to know that our towels have moisture activated grip. If you need a little help, dampening your hands and feet with a bit of water will help you stay grounded."

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